ViewRanger Android Beta 2.2.0

posted by Mike Brocklehurst on Monday, August 15, 2011

We have released a new beta release for Android, version 2.2.0. The main changes are:

- Support for in-app purchase of maps and credit.

- Pinch and stretch zoom, on phones that support it.

- Import of .LOC files.

- ETA and ETE in trip view now display correctly.

- A range of bug fixes and small improvements.

The beta is available from​a. To install go to this page using the web browser on your phone; tap the Android logo to download; tap the downloaded file to install. If you use an Android Market version of ViewRanger, please wait for the release as we can't publish betas on the Market.

Release notes are in the wiki.

If you have any problems or feedback please email

New ViewRanger BuddyBeacon location sharing web pages

posted by cw on Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We've released an update to the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon webpage that enhances the permissive tracking of friends and family on the web.

ViewRanger BuddyBeacon is a great way to share your outdoor adventures; charity events; or just to stay in touch when you are out in the field. (Don't forget you can also track friend's BuddyBeacons directly within the ViewRanger app).

Find out more about how to set up BuddyBeacon within the ViewRanger app here:

The update includes:

You can add and follow more than one BuddyBeacon at the same time; making it simple to track groups.

The webpage's URL can be copied to share links to BuddyBeacon pages - ideal for setting up a page for an event or activity. You can also share links to your BuddyBeacon pages via Facebook and Twitter.

You can see altitude and speed graphs. The graph shown in the image below shows an ascent/descent of Snowdon as part of our participation in the Snowdon100 event earlier this year.

We've made some changes to the icons and page layout.

The profile image from your account will be used as your BuddyBeacon image.

You can set the time window over which you want to view a recorded track, and customize the local viewing timezone.

The ViewRanger BuddyBeacon homepage shows the (anonymous) latest locations of a selection of BuddyBeacon users around the world.

Try it for yourself at:

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