Just Added: The AA's 50 Best Walks in the Cotswolds

posted by cw on Thursday, December 24, 2009

We have just released a further set of walking route guides into ViewRanger's route library. The AA's 50 Best Walks in the Cotswolds adds more walking choice to this popular area of England.

You can discover the 'Classic Cotswold Town of Burford', walk along 'The Infant River Thames at Cricklade', discover the 'Mysteris at Minster Lovell', and explore many other places across this beautiful area of the country.

All fifty Cotswold routes are now available to download direct to your handset through the Route Search option in ViewRanger's DataManager. You can also explore the AA's Best Walks in the Lake District and in the Peak District.

Christmas Walking Inspiration

posted by cw on Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If after feasting on turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, rich cheeses, chocolate and all the other Christmas goodies, you feel bloated and sluggish then check out the guided walking routes available to download within ViewRanger. With thousands of routes to choose from, you should find an inspiring route nearby.

With a typical Christmas dinner of turkey and pudding clocking up almost 1,500 calories – that is over half of a man’s recommend daily calorie intake and three quarters of a woman’s - the UK Government has teamed up with the Ramblers to try to bring back the traditional Christmas Day walk.

They are both calling on families across the country to burn off their Christmas dinner and be more active over the festive season and haved released their top ten English walks to inspire families to get on their feet.

They include a walk round famous London landmarks, a trek through the Birmingham bog that Tolkein based the hobbits’ Shire home on, as well as a wildlife walk in Highfield Country Park, Manchester. See the full list here.

However, if you're in need of more inspiration, then you can also turn to ViewRanger's massive library of over 5000 guided walking routes across England, Scotland and Wales?

From your mobile phone handset, via the mobile network or WiFi, you can search for routes near your GPS location or around any area of map, browse the route details to find a route that fits your needs, and then download that route direct to your handset. Once on your phone, then ViewRanger can guide you along the route. Most routes include photos at key waypoints.

Find out how to search for and download routes here:

Whilst you are out and about, don't forget that you can record your trip and any photos that you take along the way - turning them into a ViewRanger TravelLog that you can share on the web and through Facebook.

I've already spotted several walks around Cambridge and around North Dorset that I shall be exploring this holiday season!


Contacting Support During the Holiday Season

posted by cw on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Through the holiday season, we recommend contacting us via email.

Our Support telephone and Skype lines will be closed from 25th to 28th December inclusive, and 1st to 3rd January inclusive. They will be open on 24th December, 29th-31st December and from 4th January.

Throughout the entire holiday period, we will be picking up email sent to support@viewranger.com and will be answering emails as normally as possible throughout the Christmas and New Year period, including the holidays and weekends. Though we may not be able to reply immediately, of course.

We know that many people will be discovering ViewRanger for the first time and will be getting started with it over the holiday period. If you have any questions, then do get in touch.

ViewRanger 2.7.28 released

posted by Mike Brocklehurst on Monday, December 07, 2009

ViewRanger version 2.7.28 has now been released. This software update:

  • Adds support for the electronic compass in phones that contain one, such as the N97 and Navigator series.

  • Adds Swedish, German, Finnish and French user interfaces

  • Enables much simpler transfer of maps that were downloaded over the air on one phone to another phone.

  • Makes a number of improvements to the Retrieva tracker interface

  • Contains a number of other small improvements and fixes

The link of the magnetic compass to the panorama is especially nice.

Full details are available in the release notes and the software itself is available from www.viewranger.com/software.

Many thanks to all the beta testers. We intend to start a new beta cycle before the end of this month.