BuddyBeacon API Apps

posted by cw on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cool things being done with the BuddyBeacon API: mashing the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon with Twitter and Photos....

http://www.mycountryside.org.uk/viewranger.php [by Phil Sorrell]

Phil, along with his dog, is currently walking the 177 mile Offas Dyke in aid of MS. He has used the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon API and added his Twitter and TwitPic photos to create a cool way to share and record his trek.

BuddyBeacon API

posted by cw on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We have added an API that lets you access your BuddyBeacon live tracking information in different ways.

There are now three ways that you can directly access your BuddyBeacon:

1) Link directly to your BuddyBeacon on the ViewRanger website,
2) Embed the BuddyBeacon map in your website,
3) Use the beta version of our API to create your own maps, apps, and mash-ups.

More details: http://bit.ly/aZ4NC1

You can also set the image that is used to show your current location. We've added a new parameter if you are linking to the BuddyBeacon, or are embedding the BuddyBeacon map in your own webpage.

The "icon" parameter lets you specify the image that is used to show the last position.

There are some built-in icons:
hiker_yellow (this is the default icon)


To use your own image as the icon, then include the URL (note that the URL needs to be "in quotes"


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ViewRanger update & Easter

posted by Mike Brocklehurst on Thursday, April 01, 2010

ViewRanger Software Update

We've released an update to ViewRanger, version 2.8.5.

If you have ViewRanger 2.8 installed on your phone then the best way to update is to run ViewRanger and use Options > Server > Check with server, then click on the link shown.

Alternatively download from www.viewranger.com/software.

The release contains a number of small fixes. Most importantly it fixes a problem some people have had using the navigation arrow. It also uses the brand new ViewRanger logo!


If you need to contact us over Easter, we're available by email throughout the Easter weekend. The store is open all weekend - downloads are sent immediately; CDs, DVDs and memory cards will be posted on Tuesday.

Have a great Easter!