Map Chooser Updated

posted by Mike Brocklehurst on Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ViewRanger Map Chooser has been updated. The changes are:
- France 1:25000 and Germany 1:25000 scale maps are now available as self select maps
- GPX files can be opened, so you can see routes, tracks and points in the map chooser, making it easier to select the tiles you need
- A more detailed UK reference map is included, swap to this using the Map underlay menu
-Prices can be displayed in pounds, euros and dollars

The map chooser is a PC based program, which allows you to choose your own map, giving a running price and size. We'll be adding support for other platforms soon.

Download and install the map chooser at

ViewRanger GPS Updated for iPhone and iPad

posted by cw on Monday, September 27, 2010

ViewRanger GPS V1.2.0 for iPhone and iPad has gone live in the Apple appstore.

This update introduces some key functionality that we know from your feedback, especially from former Symbian OS users, will be an important step forward. These being:

* The addition of BuddyBeacon “watching” – so that you can view the location of your friends on screen

* The addition of Route navigation – so that you can follow a route, or navigate to a point, with waypoint alerts and off-route alarms

For full details on these new features go to our support pages:

Whats New?


We introduced BuddyBeacon “sending” in the last update allowing you to share your location with friends. This allowed them to view your location via a web browser or using ViewRanger on a Symbian phone.

This update takes that one step further, allowing you to view Buddy locations within ViewRanger GPS on your iPhone or iPad.

You can “watch” the location of up to 10 friends, who have enabled BuddyBeacon and given you their PIN code. A dotted track is displayed showing their recent progress.

This software update also introduces compatibility with the Retrieva Tracking GPS tracking dog collar. For more information go to

(The collar must be reporting its position using GPRS and be configured in the Retrieva web panel. SMS based reporting is not available using the iPhone.)

GPS Navigation:

Whilst in previous ViewRanger GPS versions you have been able to create, import or download routes with waypoints. It has not been possible to be navigated along that route – version V1.2.0 addresses this.

This upgrade means that the app will allow you to follow a route. An arrow is shown indicating the direction to go, with optional waypoint alerts and even alarms if you veer too far off-route (XTE alarm).

The feature also allows you to navigate to a point of interest (POI), or even to a watched BuddyBeacon.

Another aspect of the new navigation capabilities is that routes with Audio/Video content such as the “Hadrians Wall walk” are now fully supported with the audio & video content being GPS-triggered at the appropriate waypoints.

To see other audio and video guides by our content partners – look in the in-App ViewRanger store. (We have some audio and video guides for the UK at the moment, but hope to add more soon.)

Ease of Use

Finally, in response to user feedback, we have introduced an edit-handle for POIs and Waypoints, so that your finger doesn't obscure the map when dragging POIs and waypoints.

We hope that you enjoy these new features.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Update for Android users

posted by cw on Thursday, September 23, 2010

This morning, we've just released V1.1.19 of ViewRanger GPS for Android into the Android Market (also available to download from

This is really a housekeeping release with small improvements/fixes.

Two of the main fixes are:
* Fix for the new French coordinate space. If you are in France and you use the new French IGN mapping - then you'll want to update to this release.
* Fix for the new SD card mount point on Samsung Galaxy S handsets. If you are a Galaxy S user, then we recommend you update.

Hey, we're LadyGeekTV's App of the Week!

posted by cw on Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We love LadyGeekTV.

We like their The App Show's lighthearted take on the mobile apps and the fun but informative way they present their shows...

...and one or two of the boys in the office may have a slight crush on Debs Anne.

Anyway, if you haven't checked it out, we recommend it (for both boys and girls). Find it at

Needless to say, we were delighted when LadyGeek and presenter Debs Anne selected ViewRanger GPS as their "App of the Week".

Check out Episode 9 below (which includes a look at how your smartphone may be able to help you improve your taste in music).

Ramblers pilot eTrails available to download in ViewRanger

posted by cw on Tuesday, September 07, 2010

If you've seen the latest issue of Walk, the magazine of the Ramblers, and the article on the Ramblers eTrails project... then you may like to know that you can download the pilot eTrails around Llantwit Major now onto your iPhone, iPad, Android or Symbian phone within ViewRanger GPS.

eTrails is a good initiative and aims to get 10% more people walking in Wales over the next four years. I think in the work that we've done with the eTrails team at the Ramblers, that we've been able to impart some of the knowledge that ViewRanger has built up over the last three years in delivering rich guided route content to mobile phones - helping the Ramblers team consolidate their eTrails concept.

The pilot Ramblers eTrails available to download, for free, within ViewRanger GPS now are:

A scenic looping route around LLantwit Mayor passing Frampton and other historical interests.

Nash Point Walk
A lovely roundtrip from Llantwit Major around Marcross and St. Donat's following the coast initially before looping round through the beautiful surrounding fields of the area.

Green Lane Walk
This walk of about two miles and about an hour long requires a pair of sturdy shoes but is an ideal family walk for it contains several points of interest for both adults and children alike. It is one which affords a great deal of history, all round scenic views and a good variety of birdlife.

Town Heritage Trail
A "figure of eight" walk around the historic buildings and landscape of Llantwit Major

Nature/Cliff Walk at Llantwit Major
A beautiful walk looking at the picturesque coastal area along Llantwit Major with an historical and wildlife twist to it.

To find and download these guided routes, run ViewRanger on your smartphone and search for the text "Ramblers" in Organizer/DataManager > Routes > Search for Routes - or simply browse to Llantwit Major and do a location-based route search.

Let us - and the Ramblers - know what you think. And we look forward to making more Ramblers eTrails available within ViewRanger GPS as their eTrails project progresses.