ViewRanger for Android Update

posted by cw on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The latest software update of ViewRanger for Android smartphones and tablets has just gone live in the Android Market and on our website. It has also been submitted to other Android appstores.

* Placename and postcode search via local gazetteer or online search
* Manual coordinate entry - a big help for geocaching
* Updated Context and Options menus throughout.
* New titlebar with configurable map text, Quick-Navi button and location search button
* Improved route editing UI
* Double tap the map to zoom in

Bug fixes:
* Send old positions switch in BuddyBeacon location sharing now works
* Better support for Android tablets
* Numerous small improvements.

For all the details see the ViewRanger wiki site.

The new map screen header:

Better route editing:

Placename search:

Manual coordinate entry:



At 1:15 pm , Blogger joe said...

I like the new way of placing route points. At first I thought it was a bug, but it makes sense to be able to see the point, not hidden underneath the finger.

May I submit a feature request? When examining the details page for a route or a point, it'd be useful to see the slope/gradient (for a point, average slope between the contour lines, for a route, average slope between two points). As it is now, I have to switch over to Android's calculator to figure this out. Degrees and/or percentage would be great!


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