ViewRanger GPS for iPhone Update

posted by cw on Friday, June 11, 2010

The latest update for ViewRanger GPS on the iPhone is now available in the Apple appstore.

BuddyBeacon Tracking:
* BuddyBeacon sending
* Including auto start, catch-up sending positions when mobile coverage lost, auto resume after call/message interruption.
* One-off and timed repeat sending.
* Use our BuddyBeacon API to embed your BuddyBeacon in your webpage, facebook profile, or create your own apps. (see:

Electronic Compass support:
* Display north indicator, or facing direction, or both.
* Auto-rotate map in multiples of 90 degrees to best match compass.

Audio/video support:
* In guided routes, waypoints and points-of-interest:
* Play sounds and videos from links.
* Supported video formats: 3GP / mov / mp4 / mpv
* Supported Audio Formats: mp3 / wav
* Download route guides with video from partners such as Carlisle Tourism Partnership
* Use our web-based route publishing tool to create your own route guides, with text, photo and video.

Fixes & Enhancements:
* GPS auto-resumes after call/message interruption.
* More in-app map and route purchase options.
* When creating a route, easily switch between panning map and dropping waypoints.
* When editing a route, tap on a different waypoint to move it without going in and out of editing mode.


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